Accessories are an important part of a successful installation.

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Effluent Filters

Filter and housing


Filter and housing




Pumps (Manufactured in Canada by Monarch Industries)
TTC-R6 or TTC-R12
Riser Lid - with Molded-in gasket. TTP-RL

Concrete Lid - TTC-RLP (special order)

Safety Lid - TTP-RSL

Safety Pan - TTP-RSP

6" Tall Riser - TTP-R6

12" Tall Riser - TTP-R12

Tank Adapter Ring - TTP-RAR Adapt to existing concrete tank.

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Fire Caddy for Fire Suppression
This innovative product can be a first line of defence against an interface forest fire. Use any of the Turtle Tanks as a water source.

Note: There can be a savings on fire insurance by having a Fire Caddy.

There is a growing trend for dosing the septic field without pumping. Siphons are the solution for this challenge. You can see a typical configuration >here.< You can also use the top of a Turtle Tank and >pour a concrete base and siphon support< at the same time.
Waterproof Sealer
We have a proprietary "one part" brush or spray application for waterproofing.

Concrete can be moist. Four hour cure time.

Septic Additive to enhance decomposition of septage. SEE MORE