You can make a difference!
Dear Prospective TT Ambassador,

Important: This program is designed to transfer Turtle Tank Technology to underdeveloped countries that simply do not have the resources to pay for license fees. For more advanced countries our INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM may be more suitable.

I would like to give you the opportunity to provide some environmentally sustainable solutions to communities that have severe economical challenges. Turtle Tanks provides technology licenses for utilizing our manufacturing system in North America. These licenses are simply too expensive for entrepreneurs in developing countries. Unfortunately those that need it the most, can afford it the least.

So the AMBASSADOR opportunity is this: Turtle Tank Technologies developed by Jim Ripley the founder of Turtle Tanks will be offered with a zero license fee and equipment at cost. Below are some links which summarize the technologies available. The hope is that we will develop a system to produce a complete community washroom at the most economical cost possible.

Let me know how you could make this work; I would love to hear about your ideas and how I could help make it happen. You may be a service group, a religious organisation, or an individual, or whatever.....let's talk.

You can make a difference; see some other goodwill options below!

For more background on Jim Ripley see:

Kelowna BC Canada

250 863-8372

Link to Water Aid Canada Website
The Domes for the World Foundation

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Salt Lake City, UT 84152

Email | (469) 853-1412