Septic System Services
Dear Contractor / Home Owner,

Re: Septic System Services for Rural Housing

I am known as "The Turtle Man" from developing the Turtle Tanks Storage System which is a licensed manufacturing system of concrete septic tanks with operations on the East and West coasts of Canada. I am actively involved in septic system design, consulting, and installation services. I am also very proud to have developed POLY ROCK, a synthetic aggregate made from recycled styrofoam that is used for the drainfield in septic systems.

You can see that I have been very "Hands On" in INSTALLATIONS and can extend this experience to get you the most value from your septic system.

We can provide a complete Design, Supply, and Install using our own products, alternatively you may wish to utilize DESIGN ONLY SERVICES and have a certified installer do the installation or DESIGN AND SUPERVISION SERVICES which allows a non-certified installer to put in the system; this program involves a simple APPLICATION FORM.

And, of course we can do what we do best: Design, Supply, and Install using our own products.

I appreciate your time to review this information and look forward to being of service.

Note: This is a competitive industry and I invite you to read my COMPETITIVE PRICING POLICY.

Jim Ripley's Email

(250) 863-8372

The Turtle Man