Dear Septic System Installer,
We will be distributing GOVERNMENT APPROVED SEPTIC SYSTEM PRODUCTS in your region this construction year and are looking for QUALITY MINDED INSTALLERS. We provide a trial offer on our products and request a response to our questionnaire in hopes we can serve you better.

Owner Name:
Company Name:
Are you planning on attending this years annual convention for septic system installers?
What percentage of your business activity is dedicated to septic systems?
How many years experience?
How many Installations do you forsee over next few years?
What equipment do you use for excavation?
What equipment do you use for backfilling?
Do you use a transit to install your drainfield?
Could you lift 2200 pounds, 8 feet from machine?
Preferred Type of septic tank (Concrete, Poly, Fibreglass)?
Preferred Manufacturer of pump?
Do you have a preferred Engineering Company?
What is your total cost for a SEPTIC TANK and DISTRIBUTION BOX delivered to site (taxes in)?
Is there a crane service available in your area? If there is: Who?
Do you prefer Trench & Gravel or Septic Chambers?
What is the typical drain field size?
What are some of the latest technologies that you have utilized?
What percentage of the systems you install require a treatment plant?
Are you familiar with the BIONEST TREATMENT PLANT SYSTEM?
What is typical homeowner cost for design, supply and installation of a standard septic system?
What guarantee or warranty do you put on your installations?
What are your primary and secondary means of advertising?
How much would you need to SAVE, to feel comfortable trying out a NEW SEPTIC SYSTEM?
What is best time and way for Turtle Tanks to contact you?
Any comments or suggestions that would help us serve you better?