Engineer: For Reference see our Business Model
Dear Engineer,

From a quick browse of our website we hope you will agree that Turtle Tanks is an industry innovator. Although we have had some degree of success selling tanks; we have found that selling a solution has always been easier.

Every province or state has specific regulations that apply to onsite sewerage systems and generally qualified engineers have been grandfathered to design and oversee supervision of septic systems. Our current business model is based upon the recruitment of Turtle Tank Agents who sell a complete solution. A qualified engineer is generally a key person in this situation. The agent you may be providing services for could have a skill range that varies from basic knowledge to highly experienced.

As a professional designer you would have experience in the benefits of utilizing shell technology, saving us a lot of time trying to convince you of the features of our systems. If you have found this website by accident feel free to contact us; if I have contacted you directly to request your assistance, I hope you will consider doing projects with us.

Jim Ripley

Kelowna BC Canada

250 863-8372