Turtle Tanks Expansion
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The Turtle Tanks business format system has evolved in one of the most desirable locations to live in Canada. Kelowna, British Columbia has been consistently one of the fastest growing areas in Canada and as a retirement destination will probably continue to do so into the future. Cities that seem to flourish during national economic recessions can be thought of as a "micropolis" and we seek out these unique market regions which can provide excellent growth opportunities. The resulting expansion strategies developed in our own micropolis may provide a great opportunity in your area.

As part of our research for expansion opportunities, we generally contact local Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development Associations to identify key people and industry stakeholders. To explore possibilities that may be right for you, we have provided information below on business opportunities with: Installation, Distribution, Production, Management, Marketing, and Investment. Each link below will open a new window...closing the window will return you back to this webpage. A quick review of our Business Organization Model may be helpful.

Installation Opportunities

In the beginning any small community has all the basic services needed to efficiently survive as a functioning economy. As the city core becomes increasingly dense in population there is a tipping point where the ground in the city cannot accept the discharge of wastewater from the growing population and a sewer system must be built. This is a great time to buy REAL ESTATE because now a relatively small piece of property can provide housing for many more people and when it comes to high rise construction...the sky seems to be the limit. Of course by this time the complete product and service line of Turtle Tanks is in demand. So let's see how the business opportunities roll out.

Ground Floor Opportunities

The expansion opportunities are directly related to population density, growth, and geography of the market region. A very small community will have the "guy with the backhoe" and he will know where every waterline and septic tank is because he (or his Dad) did the digging. They probably built some tanks onsite which may be still in great shape but are possibly half the required size to provide adequate treatment for the amount of sewage that is disposed from a modern home. A DEALER / INSTALLER is a Turtle Tank opportunity that fits this early scenario and would be a person involved with installations of septic and water systems. (Note we use Dealer and Installer as being interchangeable.) Although there is an increase in the amount of knowledge required to be compliant with government regulations; we have our own criteria which must be met before we offer a quality assurance certificate to a dealer. We also encourage ENGINEERS to inquire about a business relationship with Turtle Tanks for simple and complex projects.

Distribution Opportunities

A Turtle Tank Dealer would be provided with basic marketing support and would be listed on our website directory. There is no exclusive territory offered, however, if the market area is small and the dealer is doing a good job we would not solicit business from other potential dealers. A larger population in a rural area would require more dealers and we have a variety of distributor options. Our first option is to utilize a BUILDING SUPPLY STORE and provide basic technical training to contractor sales. Our next preferred option is to utilze a local CRANE OPERATOR SERVICE or a RENTAL STORE. The distribution options are easily set up with a Basic Stocking Inventory which is all that is required to supply their market region without putting in "panic orders" to head office.

Production Opportunities

Turtle Tank Production Options are a little more complex due to the tremendous government regulations on septic systems. Our preferred option is to find a PRECASTER that is familiar with large castings and does not have tanks as a product line OR is motivated to upgrade to the Turtle Tank production system. A CONCRETE PRODUCER is a next best choice since the Turtle Tank production system is well suited to manufacture with a standard ready mix truck. For very small production we may utilize our LABOUR OPTION, which is an extremely downsized production system that produces the basic components used for standard systems. Another option is the GRAVEL PIT / ENVIROMIX option which involves a portable production system set up at a gravel pit to produce an inventory that can last one year.

Management / Marketing Opportunities

Management / Marketing options also provide numerous opportunities. The PUMPER OPTION is an option that allows an established pumper truck service business to become a local supplier of tanks. This guarantees solid growth for their business as they create their own service opportunity. Our AGENT option makes it easier for us to enter local markets with the goal of eventually providing that candidate with an independent business opportunity. VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS are one of our major business support assets and are a prerequisite to doing a start up in any market. The JOINT VENTURE option allows partners to combine strengths to satisfy market demand. A STRATEGIC ALLIANCE capitalizes on the strengths of each company to increase overall market share. In distant markets a LICENCE AGREEMENT is a suitable arrangement to transfer our technology. This is our preferred strategy for entering international markets.

Investment Opportunities

Investment is always a limiting factor to expansion; our INVESTMENT PROGRAM is used to fund our BRANCHISE OPTION and provides a good ROI with a variety of security options.

Thank you for reviewing the above opportunities; do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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Ambassador Opportunity

If you like to travel, our AMBASSADOR OPTION may be the right one for you.