Dear Gravel Pit Owner,

Turtle Tanks has created an innovative casting system and mobile concrete production system to efficiently manufacture concrete septic tanks. Please see bottom of this webpage. Our production requirements are very simple needing SAND & GRAVEL and a little WORKING SPACE.

There are a few options we would like to discuss.

Provide Turtle Tanks some space: Allow us to A) rent some space for a few weeks to make our tanks B) purchase gravel and sand and C) pay for equipment services ( such as your loader to load tanks ) at your equipment rate. D) rent storage while inventory gets used. E) Repeat again next year.

Contract Manufacture: We will provide Equipment and Training for you to manufacture tanks under a Manufacturing Agreement.

Joint Venture: Work cooperatively with TURTLE TANKS by pooling our resources. You provide sand, aggregate and space for us to produce an inventory of concrete septic tanks to service your local market. We will provide other resources to make it successful and we will split the profits at an agreed amount.

Distribution: Find us some room in your gravel pit where we can store tanks to be loaded when needed. We would pay for unloading, storage and loading OR have it built into a flat fee.

Reference: See Logistics Info Here

We realize that permitting may not allow you to have activity beyond simple extraction and we may need to find a location very close to your operation. We can provide a $5 million dollar comprehensive third party liability insurance coverage for work performed at any location.

We look forward to discussing these options and hope to do business with you!

Jim Ripley

Kelowna BC Canada

250 863-8372