Turtle Tank Information for Dealers and Installers
Dear Interested Dealer / Installer,

Turtle Tanks is building one of the largest distribution networks of tanks from coast to coast. (Vancouver Island to Newfoundland) Our roots were in providing design, supply, and installation services to general contractors and home owners and we have built and installed tanks from 150 to 15,000 gallons. We are very familiar with the challenges of doing onsite work.

Our corporate goal is to provide the most economical solution while protecting the environment. We continually develop new ways to make work for our Dealers and Installers go as smoothly as possible by providing quality products and technical support.

Turtle Tanks has been expanding since 1984 through strategic placement of manufacturing, distribution and dealers / installers / agents.

Our product line is generally sold and installed by a Certified Turtle Tanks Dealer that has successfully completed our training program OR a Contract Installer.

In the event we do NOT have representation in a specific region we may sell tanks to Qualified Excavation Contractors through a trial offer.

If you see opportunity to work with Turtle Tanks as a Dealer, Installer, or Agent; please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.

Jim Ripley