Note: Prior to any representation of Turtle Tanks, international sales people must A) sign a non disclosure agreement and B) sign an independent contractor agreement.
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Background on International Sales

Dear Prospective Turtle Tanks Representative,

Important: This program is designed to Transfer Turtle Tank Technology to countries that can provide support for a Turtle Tank Master Casting System. For underdeveloped countries (with low resources) our AMBASSADOR PROGRAM would be more suitable.

The demand for onsite sewage disposal (septic systems) and water storage is worldwide. Turtle Tanks has a unique, economical, and comprehensive solution for designing, supplying, installing and maintaining these systems. We enter North American markets under a variety of expansion options for manufacturing, distribution, and dealers.

It is our goal to enter international markets that welcome our technology with minimal resistance. To that extent a fair amount of market research must be done to ensure a likelihood for success.

For markets we have chosen to enter there are primary activities which must be focused upon. The primary focus will be obtaining written correspondence confirming the regulatory requirement for legally manufacturing and marketing Turtle Tanks products. We also want to explore the tankage opportunity with Small Bore Sewerage which are sewer systems that use a septic tank.

Your first correspondence would introduce yourself as an agent for Next Step Designs Inc. a company incorporated in 1989 and is the licensor of manufacturing technology developed specific for the water and sewer industry. Please allow me to review this first correspondence to make sure we start on the right foot. Please track all correspondence with dates in a standard notepad file.

It is important to note the difference in what is being sold internationally vs. domestically. In our local markets we are selling equipment and technology to manufacture septic system components. Our international product is much more sophisticated in that we are selling the master tooling so that the production systems can be manufactured in that country.

Regardless of the size of the deal, we can offer financing through our international trade partner, The Canadian Export Development Corporation. (EDC) Once we are close to procuring a deal the EDC will be doing a lot of the due diligence work. Their role is twofold: A) Financing of the equipment and B) Payment Insurance. We receive the majority of payment once the equipment has reached the shipping dock. In past, many Canadian companies suffered serious hardship by simply not getting paid on their first international deal.

I hope the above serves as general background information for operating as an international sales agent for Turtle Tank Systems. We will have to correspond on a regular basis to discuss the progress being made for these international deals.

Jim Ripley

President of Turtle Tanks (International)

President of Next Step Designs Inc.