Regional TT Agent

Dear Potential Turtle Tank Regional Agent,

A large regional area such as a PROVINCE or STATE requires direct management through a Regional Agent who watches out for our business interest in all aspects. An ideal Regional Agent would have a great deal of familiarity with the region to give Turtle Tanks a sustainable competitive advantage over products and services that are currently offered.

Here is a list of challenges for the Regional Agent:

  • Completely familiarize and understand all regulatory rules, and the roles of governing bodies in the province or state.
  • Oversee manufacture of Turtle Tank Products that are made for the regional market.
  • Insure all Turtle Tank Products meet regulatory specifications.
  • Assist in sourcing CERTIFIED DEALERS.
  • Review competitive products for pricing and quality.
  • Attend trade shows to promote products and educate home owners and contractors.
  • Supervise the business activity of agents that attend to smaller territories.

There is a lot of confidential information to be transfered so the first step would be to read over the non-disclosure statement, sign it, scan it, and email it to head office. We will be happy to discuss details that involve our intellectual property at that time. Our Regional Agent Agreement outlines all the responsibilities and remuneration involved with a Turtle Tanks Regional Agency.

We look forward to discussing the possibility of you providing these services. If you are interested in this challenging opportunity; please call Jim directly.

Jim Ripley

Kelowna BC Canada

250 863-8372