Alternative Shelter Solutions
Turtle Tanks continues their "Think Outside the Box" innovativeness into the construction world. In June 2006 we built a large fire suppression tank which seemed to look a lot like the ecoshells made for economical housing. You may find this Short YouTube Video interesting. For larger structures see Monolithic Dome for the latest technology. Jim Ripley (owner of Turtle Tanks) is planning to build a comfortable dome home in the Okanagan region of BC in 2009.

July of 2007 we did a demonstration for Nick Hill (Solumn Builders) and Bob Deeks (RDC Fine Homes) which resulted in a long term rental of our Enviromix Concrete Truck to build a modern RAMMED EARTH HOME in Whistler BC Canada.

We are currently working on a Straw Bale Home in Rock Creek BC. Anyone building a straw bale home should really consider reading this great review on STRAW BALE GARDENS.

For Big Concrete Domes see >>> Monolithic Domes <<<

See Styrofoam Domes

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21' Hemispherical Dome made with gunite.

(Partially Finished)