Technical Information

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Canadian Standards Association Report

Engineering Report (Falkenberg Engineering)

Engineering Report (Smith Engineering)

Engineering Report (New Brunswick) | Health Confirmation

Engineering Report (Nova Scotia)

Engineering Report (Prince Edward Island)

Engineering Report (Newfoundland and Labrador)

Compartmentation of Septic Tanks

Concrete Sealant PDF

Finding a Septic Tank

Flipping Tank Bottom

FRP Laminate Specifications

Getting to Know Your Soil


Installation Instructions for Tanks

Installation Instructions for Siphon Chamber

Loadtest1 Loadtest2 Vacuum Test3 Loadtest4 Loadtest5 Hemispherical Test6

Making the Septic Chamber Prototype

Poop for Sale ( 2Mb presentation on recycling sewage)

Soil Classification (Basic Texture Analysis)

Structural Fibre Reinforcement

Tank Penetrations (Slide Show) | Printable PDF

Technical Sales Information

Testing Procedure

Test Holes using Auger

Treatment Plant Technology

Why Turtle Tanks do not float in high water table.

Mechanical Separation

Surface to Depth Ratio

Simple Alarm System