Turtle Tanks Virtual Assistant Opportunity
Dear VA,

I would like to thank you for reviewing information about Turtle Tanks. Our goal is to create a coast to coast network of distribution and dealers for our brand. Small or large, a company is only as good as the people behind it. My company outsources 100% of the human resources required to operate and therefore Virtual Assistants are one of the most important business support elements for Turtle Tanks.

Jim Ripley


Virtual Assistants have a diverse range of aptitutes and skills. There are VA opportunities in every community that can support a Turtle Tanks Storage System enterprise. In North America; over 25% of homes are serviced by septic tanks. The millions of septic systems that were installed years ago continue to fail at an increasing rate and require new, improved products to bring them into current standards. The demand is quiet...but huge.


Turtle Tanks provides support for VA's covering all the elements needed assist us to operate successfully in your local market. You do not need any previous business experience in this industry at all. I am looking for VA's that have excellent communication skills and are highly motivated to help promote the Turtle Tank brand.

So ...

First, let's spend some time over the phone getting to know your capabilities and comfort zone for providing services to my enterprise understanding that you are a Virtual Assistant...not a concrete company, precast company, crane operator, engineer or any other entity involved in expansion of the enterprise.

Second, after identifying exactly what you can do (and feel comfortable doing) let's make a basic plan and then start to implement that plan.

Third, let's try our best to make that plan work. I don't believe in cookie cutters, every market has its own particular nuances and we will have to proceed...learning as we go. And don't worry about making mistakes, you will never meet a more patient person that understands how long it takes to get something right and how perseverance always pays off.

Fourth, let's make the business relationship work. I am a strong believer in the E-Myth business philosophy and I am very happy to share specific information that may help you be successful in your own business.

In closing...

Thank you for reviewing background information regarding this work opportunity on our consumer website ( TurtleTanks.com ) and our Corporate Website ( TurtleTanks.ca ) and now our US based website ( TurtleTanks.us ). I look forward to discussing your background and how we can form a mutually beneficial relationship. If you have taken enough time to be familiar with our business activities, please fill out our VA Info form and I will contact you within 48 hours.

Contact Jim Ripley (9 to 5 Pacific Standard Time)

(The Turtle Man)

Kelowna BC Canada

To find out more about your new potential customer there is plenty on www.jimripley.ca