Background Information on HOME OWNER INSTALLS

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In September of 2009 the Union of BC Municipalities created a paper that voiced concerns regarding the new Sewerage System Regulation replacing the former Sewage Disposal Regulation in May of 2005.
This resulted in an Order in Council (see repeal on 7 page 4) that has allowed Home Owners more rights to deal with their septic systems. It is important to note the most accurate interpretation would be from the governing body (Ministry of Health) which can be read READ HERE. The BC Onsite Sewage Association has provided their interpretation of this order in their 2010 Fall Edition of the Innovator Magazine. The ASTTBC organisation has also provided their interpretation in their July, 2010 News Bulletin.

Although incredibly confusing, the obvious result is that a Home Owner should end up with a high quality system that would meet regulatory standards while saving a substantial amount of money. We will extend this opportunity to Home Owners based on their qualifications which we can review from the online form below.

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