Joint Venture with Turtle Tanks

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Dear Potential Joint Venture Partner,

Expanding operations into new regions with a Joint Venture Partner (JVP) has been a strategic move that has helped Turtle Tanks move forward efficiently. A JVP allows each partner the opportunity to contribute specific resources, thus creating a sustainable competitive advantage.

An ideal JVP would share in ONE or MORE of the responsibilities of:

  • Financing of the Turtle Tank Production System
  • Production of Concrete
  • Provision of Labour
  • Recruit Certified Dealers
  • Recruit Distributors

We look forward to discussing the possibility of a joint venture partnership to service your area. If you are interested in this opportunity; please call Jim directly.

Note: If you have reviewed this information thouroghly; feel free to look at more detailed information.

Email Jim Ripley

Kelowna BC Canada

250 863-8372